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Antelope ROAMS

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We are proud to announce our newest free library service! Antelope ROAMS is a home delivery service that allows us to share our library collection with you in a no-contact way. Complete a form and receive books right at your doorstep! To fill out our Home Delivery Service form in English, click here. Para Español, oprima aquí.


How do you return Antelope ROAMS orders?

There are two ways to return your order that both involve you staying at home! Please do NOT return our items to other local libraries at this time, as we don't want to increase their load and we are able to pick up items directly.

1. Place an order for new books on the Antelope ROAMS sign up form and write that you have returns in the "Special Instructions" field.

2. Email info@antelopelendinglibrary, or call/text us at (319) 343-6872, saying that you have returns.

We will confirm when we can come and pick up your books. After confirming, simply place them back in the bag they came in and set them on your doorstep. If you no longer have the bag we provided, please put them in a plastic bag. It's as easy as that!

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